Making it Up As We Go

Male yellow-headed blackbird. Sometimes you act on a hunch and it pays off. On the night before the final field trip of the Potholes & P...


I have to say I've been procrastinating all evening over this post.  I'm conflicted.  Torn I guess you could say.  Hehe - couldn'...


If you've been following my blog for even the shortest period of time you've likely noticed that I like to mix studded elements into...

July/August 2010 eBWD!

The latest issue of Bird Watcher's Digest is now available via our digital edition interface . This issue is sponsored by the good folk...

Strawberry Lemongrass Crumble With Whipped Ginger

If you're anything like me (and it's summer where you are) you've been eyeballing half flats of strawberries at farmer's mar...

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