Black and Blue

The title of this post sounds so ominous.  Nope--just the story of an LBD and a favorite denim shirt.

Yesterday was a race from the moment I opened my eyes until the time I hit the couch just in time to catch Teen Mom (cue the tears over Catelynn's fear of Brandon & Teresa cutting off contact with Carly).  Being busy without scary demands is a good feeling.  Unfortunately it wasn't so great when I reached over to turn on the straight iron only to realize 10 minutes later the thing had crossed over to the great hair appliance factory in the sky.  Why me?  Cut to scene and there I was racing out the door minutes later with a somewhat fuzzed out head of hair and a bag containing various outfit changes to last the day...miraculously I was only 10 minutes late to the first meeting.  Think screeeeech.

It should be noted that cleaning out the closet can yield many a forgotten treasure.  Case in point the little black dress in this post.  I picked it up more than a few years ago and have only worn it once or twice because it always gets lost beneath a hanging jacket.  Imagine my excitement upon rediscovering it this past Saturday.  We're in this weird weather pattern right now:  fogged in for the morning, blazing hot for the afternoon and then fogged in and cold for the evening.  I'm not ready to kiss summer goodbye so am working dresses and shorts to the maximum opting for light layers overtop that can easily be tossed aside once it warms up.  Second case in point:  the denim shirt.  Everyone laughed and called me a cowboy when I picked it up at Martin+Osa (RIP) a couple years ago.  Laughs on you suckahs (ie. friends who teased and read this blog)!  The denim shirt is back with a vengeance and I'm here to claim my rightful seat on the denim shirt throne.  On a serious note:  two wardrobe essentials paired together for chic and easy. You really can't go wrong.
~Details:  Martin+Osa Denim Shirt (similar, similar), Free People-LBD, Shoes-Swedish Hasbeens~
~Rebecca Minkoff Studded Rocker (here with silver studs), 
on the left:  Rosa's friendship bracelets + Seventh Door cuff + Melinda Maria Link Oxidized Ring
on the right:  Made With Love bracelets (on sale!)
Quite possibly the best shoes I've ever invested in.  
There is a reason SJP consistently wears them in many different versions and colors.
This is what we call the "out in the parking lot next to the restaurant hurry up before any 
customers spot us" shot.  Complete with hysterical laughing.

And now let us carry on toward the weekend.  Only two days to go...

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