Notes From the Edge of the Couch

I spent yesterday sicker than sick in a semi-conscious state .  Confession:  I've been on the couch beneath the heaviest faux fur blanket for over 24 hours - only lifting my head to wander down the hall, take a shower, and gather tea and dark chocolate for sustenance.  It is a sad state of affairs this being sick as an adult thing.  It's at times like these - in the sheer, guiltless moments of just being - that I can't believe I've actually grown up and will never return to living beneath my parents' roof under their care.  Reality Bites (and not the movie, but it really was a great one now that we're on the subject).

It was my every intention to bring you an outfit post with the cutest short Minnetonka's in honor of the last day of the giveaway.  Planned was a pair of skinny denim rolled to just above the ankle, the fab fringe-y back zip boot, and up top a simple white pocket-T by AWang beneath a charcoal grey A&F belted sweater from days gone by (last seen here sans belt).  Instead I bring an unconventional inside look at the boots.  Don't mind the hair. I was saying.

This pair is also in the Langston's selection so if you win the giveaway you could totally scoop them up!  Or any of these.  I realized over the weekend that the blog has caused me to subconsciously gather almost every item from one of my fave polyvore'd outfit posts last year - a version of these booties was on there.  Woop woop!!  I'm about to pass out so it's time for another cup of tea, some orange slices and a brownie before nap time.  If you haven't put your deets in for the Minnetonaka giveaway just go here.  I'll announce the winner tomorrow.  Likely from the horizontal.

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