It appears as though cavorting around in summer clothing in January has come 'round to bite me in the rear end.  My throat hurts, the skin on the left side of my face has sharp little pains shooting through it, and I actually quietly cried while driving home from class last night.  It was the last part that sealed the deal...although my cravings for dark chocolate and orange slices should have given it away earlier in the day (happens every time i'm getting sick).  Sigh.  Why did I move so far from home again?

Taylor from Things on Hangers tagged me to list seven things about myself.  Here goes:
  1. I'm all kinds of obsessed with Teen Mom.  In Caitlyn and Tyler's first season I seriously contemplated contacting MTV and extending an offer for the pair to live with me while attending a local college.  Thankfully the Chef pulled me off the ledge, but it was a close one.  
  2. This isn't exactly about me, but it is related.  One of my cats has been living in a bowl in the kitchen cupboard for over a week.  I've tried to discourage it, but she's learned how to open the door with her paw and sits in a massive bowl for hours on end. I'm hoping it's a temporary thing.
  3. My former upstairs neighbor was a VA nurse with a drinking problem.  She used to drive the government car around looped, smash into the garage door, do hit and runs in the Trader Joe's parking lot, and hide the car in the garage while sitting upstairs drinking Two Buck Chuck's and watching soap operas all day long.  How do I know?  She would call and leave play-by-play voicemails - the next day not remembering having told me anything.  This went on for 3 years - during which time she also wanted me to call her every morning at 5:30AM to make sure she was still alive.  Uh, no?
  4. While attending University my friend and I were waved down in traffic by a guy who asked us to follow him back to his parking garage so he could do a strip tease for us in order to make it into a fraternity.  We went into the underground garage and he proceeded to rip his clothing a security guard apprehended him and we sped off.  I remain scarred for life.  
  5. I have Bieber fever.  It's a new thing, but a true thing.  I hope it passes with this flu. Ba-by, ba-by, BAY-BEEE OOOOHHHHH.  Help me Lord.
  6. I fear never finding my purpose in life and want to live a more intentional and thoughtful life.  Time is going by so fast.
  7. Nancy Grace is my hero.  No joke.  I wish I could have her job and rip holes in criminals and weak lawyers for a few hours every day.  
I'm supposed to tag someone but I'm too delirious to even post more pictures let alone think.   If you wanna jump in and do this let me know.  I always get a kick out of reading the responses.

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