Pile It On

I think I see a light at the end of the tunnel, and I don't mean the light leading to the afterlife.  Thanks so much for all of your well wishes - my throat's still a bit on fire, but my head no longer feels like jagged edges are being poked into it.  Isn't that special?  Yesterday I even managed to sit up on the couch for more than an hour and carried on cohesive conversation.  Things are looking up!

While off lying about in couch land I managed to finagle the computer out of the Chef's claws in order to stop watching soap operas keep myself entertained.  One thing I'm looking forward to with the return of 70's style this spring is piling on the bracelets.  True, we could do it before - but now it just feels like my inner gypsy can go wild mixing leather, suede, gold, silver, wood and every color in between.  Here are some of the beauties I have my eye on:

 Brooklyn Thread's Trio of Wood Bracelets

Vanessa Mooney's Copper Nuggets on Red Faux Suede Bracelet
(personal new found favorite jewelry line)

 I mean really - look at her Fiesta Bangles
Sold out already at Free People

I love anything wrapped and this Earth Agate Leather Wrap
I found on Etsy is beautiful!

 Or how about this Peach Jade from
Brooklyn Thread?  The color is so pretty and will
look great against anything wood!

I would have pulled up some Chan Luu bracelets, but most of them run in the $200 range and the Fiesta Bangles kinda broke the bank.  That being said, I did see some Chan Luu on Gilt last night in the $150 range and they had little skulls on them.  Thankfully I exercised restraint aka the Chef apprehended the computer from my vulcan grip and I escaped an impulse purchase.  Whew!!

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