White Denim in Winter Challenge

In late September I came across one of Jennine's posts on Eat, Sleep, Denim about wearing White Denim after Labor Day.  I'm always interested to hear and see what Jennine has to say on a subject and was so relieved to hear that she is down with white denim post the long weekend in September.  Who came up with that rule anyway?

I'd been meaning to do a post on it even prior to hearing her thoughts, but somehow haven't accomplished it yet (imagine that *cough cough*). Then the other day I was chatting with Daniela over at D, Etcetera on the very subject and asked if she wanted to do a joint white denim post...then tonight in the shower (I swear the best ideas come when warm water is beating down on my head or just as I'm nodding off to sleep) I got the idea to offer up a White Denim in Winter Challenge.

So here's what I'm thinking - let me know how many of you would be interested in doing an outfit post in white denim right now in the dead of winter.  Depending on how many people want to throw in we can schedule the posts all on one day or stagger them over a couple or few in order to see how different people are styling their looks.  Girls you know I love a pair of white denim - remember this post from waaaaay back in the day??

Anyway - now it's winter so I have a different pair to pull out and wear an entirely different way.  I think this could be a really cool post/set of posts!! So many of you are standing up to your knees in snow drifts while others of us are in sun or partial frost or even experiencing summer in Australia...white denim in winter can be just gorgeous and I think it would be so fun to see the different ways we can keep them relevant in the off season.

Let me know what you think and if you'd like to join in by leaving a note in the comments.  We could coordinate and do the posts beginning after next week (date tbd early next week depending on response) in order to give people time to get their pictures taken and posts completed.  I would be happy to post the schedule here of who is posting whether it's on one day or over a couple, so that each person's blog gets visited.  In the off chance you think I'm nuts - then Daniela and I will be a party of two in our winter whites, but I do hope you'll consider. 

And now I say to you...it is weekend time.  Let the joyous events of free time commence!  I'm off to a wedding on the beach this weekend and hoping to find something suitable to wear while sporting the remnants of a sore throat.  Dear Christian Louboutin....

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